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About The Editor
Lucy Hoger
Lucy Hoger is a successful Corporate Board Member, CEO, and Senior Executive with a track record for propelling organizations and companies competing in extremely competitive markets to their next level of achievement and profitability. She is a two-time #1 International Bestselling Author and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She has proven herself repeatedly as a leader in spearheading the recovery of potential business failures into business successes. Lucy possesses an exceptional gift to develop and retain leadership teams selected from the “best of the best” talent and guide them to create results-driven technology and business innovation.

Her long career with PriceWaterhouseCooper and Cap Gemini Consulting honed her unique talents as a strategic consultant. Additionally, she has served on twelve Board of Directors appointments providing business growth guidance for them. That experience, combined with her real-world performance building business infrastructure for several hi-tech NASDAQ companies, rendered her expert insight and talent for problem-solving that is applicable to any business situation.

Lucy has authored two international bestsellers: Ignite Inspiration and the newly-released Wired For Results.
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